Gill Children’s Services provides last resort funding for Tarrant County children whose medical, dental, physical, social, psychological, or educational needs have not been met by other community resources.

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Gill Children’s Services helps children when all other resources have been exhausted. Before applying, please ask yourself:

    1. Is my child 0-18 years old?
    2. Does my child live in Tarrant County?
    3. Have I called United Way’s 211 Resource Line to see if other nonprofits can help me?

If you answered YES to all three questions, you may apply for assistance from Gill Children's Services. You may apply online or print and mail a paper application to our office at 555 Hemphill Street, Suite 200, Fort Worth, TX 76104.


Apply Online

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Please gather the following documents before applying:

Birth Certificates:

  • Income verification (check stub, letter from employer, etc.)
  • Referral letter from the agency explaining why they need a birth certificate
  • Parent/guardian picture ID

Child Care:

  • Income verification (check stub, letter from employer, etc.)
  • Employment verification for parent/guardian beginning new full-time job
  • Letter from child care facility that includes the weekly cost per child, phone number, and email address

The parent or guardian must be starting a new job within two weeks or returning to work after medical leave. Employment must be for at least 35 hours per week. The length of Gill's assistance is determined on a case by case basis. Gill may deny your application for child care if your expected income is less than the cost of your child care.

Please allow 5 business days to review your application.


  • Income verification (check stub, letter from employer, etc.)
  • All information from the referring agency/dentist (treatment plan, cost, etc.)

Gill requires up to 35 days to process dental applications.


  • Identification (birth certificate, Medicaid cards, shot records, etc.) with the child’s name and date of birth


  • Income verification (check stub, letter from employer, etc.)
  • Treatment plan (if you have one)

Gill requires up to 6 months to process ortho applications. Children must be screened by Gill's volunteer orthodontist to assess the child's need. Screenings are held 3-4 times a year at the Gill office.


  • Income verification (check stub, letter from employer, etc.)
  • The original prescription information

Please ask the pharmacy of your choice for the cost of the medication.

Special Therapy and Equipment:

  • Income verification (check stub, letter from employer, etc.)
  • Letter from your child's doctor explaining why the service/equipment is needed

Summer School Tuition:

Deadlines to apply for summer school tuition assistance for 2021 have passed.

Gill is not responsible for the expense of any particular service or item unless we have specifically pre-approved payment for that service or item, for a specific date, after agreement with the provider/vendor to a specific discounted amount.


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