Gill Children’s Services provides last resort funding for Tarrant County children whose medical, dental, physical, social, psychological, or educational needs have not been met by other community resources.

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  • We provide last resort financial assistance to Tarrant County children.
  • We can help with unmet medical, dental, educational needs, and much more. Read More
  • Become a Do Gooder by making a monthly gift to our kids! Read More
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How Gill Helps

Over 45 years, Gill Children’s Services has funded over 71,000 unmet needs, lending help when no one else can. Since our founding, Gill has never turned away a child who needed our help.

With the help of a caring community, Gill Children’s Services continues to be a vital resource for Tarrant County children with critical unmet needs. For these children, Gill is their last resort and only hope.

Gill is their safety net.

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